Difficulty Understanding Sites And Apps in ERPNext

Can anyone please help me understanding the relations between Apps and Sites?

Let’s say i want to install the site only and do not have to create any custom app.

My Next step will be to customize the existing doctype such as payment Entry, sales invoice etc. Is this feasible or should i install an app?

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This video really help me understand the basic concepts. It may help you understand also.

Also after this video you can continue video series (9 others 10 in all).

Also understand that erpnext is an app.
Frappe is a framework to create custom apps (also used to create erpnext).
Sites include database, custom apps and/or erpnext.


Thanks for quick response @pdarkwah .

I have installed an app bench manager on the site bench-manager.local.

My query is to customize the doctype from the apps erpnext, do I need to install a new app?

I am asking the above, because in the Payment Entry Doctype, Module Accounts and erpnext apps, I created a new field “Reference Code” but the field is not appearing in the corresponding Json file.

Any suggesttion…


Was that via Customise Form ?

Then that is not seen in the JSON file but in another doctype called Custom Field

@root13F , I created the field via Customize form in the Payment Entry Doctype and the custom field is not appearing in the payment_entry.json file.

@mahima98 as @root13F mentioned if you have created fields from customize form then those will not be seen in JSON file.
Difference between DocType and Customize Form