Digital Ocean Installation, ERPNext auto Starts

After installation of ERPNext on Digital Ocean Droplet, Bench Start command is also executed on server. Is this is default behavior?
How and where I can configure manually start bench.

I just follow these command for Installation:

  1. apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade
  2. apt-get install wget python-minimal
  3. cd && wget
  4. python --production --user frappe

Also, on restart of my server (Droplet), ERPNext also starts automatically.


yes, this is the default behaviour for production, it start automatically. However, for the development installation , you have to start it manually by issuing bench start

Can we change this default behavior?


cd frappe-bench
rm config/supervisor.conf
rm config/nginx.conf
sudo service nginx stop
sudo service supervisor stop
bench start
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Thanks, will try.