Digital Signature in Sales Invoice


How to add Digital Signature like below in Sales Invoice


check this page
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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a means of electronically signing documents to verify the authenticity of the person signing. It can be substituted for a physical handwritten signature. DSC is valid only if it created as per the provisions laid down under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

@nmami thanks for your reply. I’ve seen a lot of questions about digital signature, and we always discuss about what it is.

This link teaches how to allow the sign field, but it has nothing to do with Digital Signature.

I believe if we can add a *.pfx file in frappe, it would be possible to sign the wkhtmltopdf generated pdf’s…

I got it, a third party will give an ID ti authorized person once he sign document the same add a record in his db right? Document to be signed it has an id and signees each one has already an id, for one document it can have many signees.

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Yes. In some countries, like Brazil, you have to purchase a key, and it have legal value.

In a quality assurement perspective, it would be amazing if we can use pfx’s keys to digital sign our documents.