Digitalocean networking disabled

I’ve self hosted server on digital ocean, Digital ocean is disabling it again and again because of obtaining much GPS, and i am not sure why, because ERPNext just have 4 users.

@shahid I faced the same issue with them. I took a deep dive into my instance and couldn’t find any evidence of their claim. I mailed them several times that i couldn’t find anything but they were adamant that my instance contributed to a DDoS attack. worse still, they would not allow me retrieve my backup even when they said they would if i set up another droplet. I ended up losing one full day of work. I moved my instance to AWS immediately and i haven’t had that headache ever since.

@flexy2ky How do you find the pricing difference between them and AWS?

@olamide_shodunke I have multiple instances running on my AWS account and i use s3 bucket and Route53 and they sum up my bill so i can’t really say for sure how much i am billed per month for the ERPNext instance. Although the instance is on a T2 medium with 2 CPUs, 4GB RAM and 100GB SSD with priority traffic, while the two websites are on T3 micro. all my DNS is managed in Route53 and i use S3 for ERPNext hourly and Nightly Backups.

On average my bill is $50 - $60 monthly but i can’t really say what that comes to be bill elements as all resources are grouped together and billed as a single line item. But as far as performance is concerned, it’s been flawless since i moved.

I think moving to AWS or other is not a solution, i’ve many servers on digital ocean, but this specific server causing the problem, and ERPNext Org is also using Digital ocean too.