Dilemma with Purchase Order/Sales Order process

Hi everyone-
I have written about this before and we’ve done a lot of customization but here’s what I am trying to figure out now. (ERPNext Cloud version 10 currently, upgrading to v11 this weekend)

We are a drop ship only company. When a supplier sends product to our customer, the customer sales order should be updated accordingly. For instance, we order 5 of Item 1 from Supplier 1. We received the invoice from Supplier 1 but it shows they only shipped 3 of Item 1. We need to make sure the customer is only charged for 3 of Item 1. How can we do a cross check to ENSURE that you can’t bill the customer for more than what you paid for to the supplier?

Is it possible to do a check when the purchase invoice is saved and create a popup that must be approved if the qty doesn’t match the sales order? Just wondering how to even start that?

Hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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hi @charlie-cook did you figure out a solution for your tracking process?
please reply and post your solution
thank you
and hope of every community members to response