Directors Loan Account


Firstly, congratulations on an awesome ERP system.

I am just getting up to speed with ERPNext and moving from my desktop accounts and had a questions about directors loans.

Currently, I have introduced money in the form of Equity/Capital which I will post via a jnl (Opening Balance - Capital Investment as Party Type? - #5 by JayRam). I.e. Post a jnl from Equity/Bank jnl.

That Equity/Capital belongs to the company and therefore a jnl is fine to post and I do not need to “manage it”.

For Director Loans (i.e. where I loan to the business), I can setup a new Loan account, but I cannot post cash received from bank transfer to here. Do I need to follow the same method as the equity above or is there a better way to manage?

Sorry, for my existing system, it was a case of Cash Received and code direcly to equity or director loan account, so this is a little different!

Thank you for your help.

Now for

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