Disable auto save when files are attached

When I am trying to attach files the form is getting automatically saved. i don’t need to save forms when I attach files. What to do with it?

Remove or comment the below line from the core code:


It is not working

please reload and again check.

Otherwise apply the command bench build --force

I also need to comment that line and try to command bench build --force in putty? Am I right?

Use this command where you have installed erpnext via command

While bench build --force command is given, It is telling to update latest node version. While trying to install it, error is rising as -N PREFIX NOT FOUND

It worked, but I’ve read in other threads not to touch the core modules as it will create merge conflicts for updates. Will this fix create any issues in future?

right @kashh,

This is a temporary solution. We do not recommend modifying the core module. Some users want a solution, so we are just sharing the path.

Thank you so much. Can we stop saving the form using any event when upload button is clicked?