Disable Automatic Refresh


Is there a way to disable Automatic refresh on pages? like Sales invoice, Customer, Purchase Orders, etc…

i have a requirement where we dont need to refresh the page automatically unless user clicks on Refresh button.


What is the reason for this?

we are optimizing our Server…it’s very slow due to some unknown reasons.

1 factor is we are sending data through API to ERP Next, where every minute we are receiving 20 to 30 Sales Invoices only.

if somebody open sales invoice page, it’s keep refreshing for each entry.

same thing for the customers as well.

just need to test it with out auto refresh option. it’ll also help user not to wait a lot to work.
while it’s refreshing, we cannot use filters or access records.

Hi @adnan,
Did you find a solution to disabling auto refresh eventually?

Nope, but i made a report. and using it as a list instead of List View option.

I have a similar issue, when the auto refresh runs, we lose the sorting criteria :frowning:

Is there a workaround to disable the auto refresh, or to keep the sorting as it was set ?

Have you guys found a solution to this? This is driving our users nuts.

in Version 13 there is an option to stop auto refresh

I do remember there was an option sometime before when you click on your user avatar, but it’s just no longer there after many many updates :slight_smile:

Indeed, when we are importing large data sets even via a background process, the list view gets updated /refreshes. This is

  1. Not usable as it moves very fast and cannot click on it
  2. Hangs any further interaction.

Is there an easy way to disable…?

Have seen this option, but not sure if it serves your purpose. I have never tested it.

Any doctype, List view → Menu → List Settings → Disable Auto Refresh


That was it I think!!! Thanks!!!

So, that’s only in the List view, but we want Report view to have the same behavior. Whenever a data is changed, sort orders in Report view gets reset :frowning:

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Unfortunately, Every user has to do it himself. And this is not good enough. Any idea we can do this via a settings or JSON at the time of installation?