Disable Gravatar

Is it possible to disable the Gravatar as I will be running ERPNext inside a nat without internet access that is behind a DMZ?

Disabling gravatar is out of the box.

In the upcoming version, gravatar is not mandatory. If gravatar does not exist, a system creates default image from user’s initials and set it as a profile image.

@saurabh6790 Wheres the function to disable gravatar?

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@slushpuppy did you find it?

Old thread I know, but since the intent of this old change was allow system to function if Gravatar.com is down (or unavable due to a closed system)… I just wanted to bring up that it also needs to be changed/fixed for the LDAP authentication. Right now LDAP login is not functional without allowing system on the internet to contact Gravatar.com

After some digging I found this bug and workaround:

This seems to have solved “gravatar” related performance issues we have all day while testing EPRNEXT. :slight_smile: