Disable/Hide Help in each module


I notice there is Help menu in each module (refer attachment).
How to disable or hide this?

The reason is, I provide support for this software. The software is free but I charge for the other service like giving training and help. With the Help menu is there, there will see the Help and will not need my service.

I don’t think this should matter. Users who need services will never do this. If they were self starters, they would have installed the app themselves.

Edit: To the main question. There is no easy way at the moment. Maybe you can contribute a setting via site_config?

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It’s happening to me. I cannot charge them with training because of the
help menu.

I’m interested in hiding the help sections in each module because it adds visual clutter. ERPNext now has a very nice help menu always visible at the top.

I have a few users who, because of various permissions, ONLY have access to the help sections on some modules. They have no access to anything in that module otherwise but it shows up on the sidebar and they can look at the help topics.

Any idea what it would take to make a toggle switch in setup to choose whether to show or hide the per-module help links?

Sponsor cost?

Thank you as always for this excellent product!


Simply open the file in ‘erpnext/config’ for example stock.py and remove the “label”: _ (“Help”) along with the items then save it. Please backup first to prevent future problems.
Sory for bad english :slight_smile:

Thanks @hendrik_zeta, I can see that would work, but my preference is to never DIRECTLY modify Frappe or ERPNext code unless I’m going to make a pull request (which one day I will do). Do you know of a way I can do this from my custom app?

I just learned recently from @rmehta that I can add to a file in ERPNext by making an identically named file in my custom app and adding the lines I need. Is there any way to remove lines the same way?

Create custom css files in the ‘assets/css’ and connect it in hooks.py
.module-section:last-of-type {display:none !important}

Explicitly blocking out modules does not exist.

But we could add a block list in hooks. That would be a good way to globally, and for everyone.

If you are willing to contribute a patch, would be happy to accept!

@hendrik_zeta Removing the label didn’t help me. I did a ‘bench build’ after modifying. Didn’t work.

How to go and block any of the sidebar items in hooks. I would be very interested to find out

Removing help button is very simple erpnext and it is really very important . :slightly_smiling_face:

With the help menu, clients will see the help button and they will not be interested for any more services from seller because they can take help of almost every thing.

And I think this should matter. :wink:

Steps to remove/hide Help in each module:

  1. Just run below given terminal command
    grep 'dropdown-help' -R

  2. Then you will get list of files with file location, just open each file except build.json and find dropdown-help and comment/delete whole section.

  3. Just reload the erpnext page (Suggestion: press CTRL+F5)

  4. ENJOY :sunglasses:

If you still find any issue regarding this, feel free to ask me.


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Hi @hendrik_zeta,

Can you please give more details how to do it . as some module have no Help section , so it will hide the last section from the menu ?

Check : How to hide unnecessary menu from sidebar in main page of custom app - #14 by Jonathan_Lee