Trying to remove the Help in modules

I am trying to remove the ‘Help’ section in Accounts, Buying & Stock module and I followed the suggestion given in this link

After doing a ‘bench build’ it is still not going.

Any solution?

Try bench migrate

Sorry…It doesn’t work.

Removing help button is very simple erpnext and it is really very important . :slightly_smiling_face:

With the help menu, clients will see the help button and they will not be interested for any more services from seller because they can take help of almost everything.

And I think this should matter. :wink:

Steps to remove/hide Help in each module:

  1. Just run below given terminal command
    grep ‘dropdown-help’ -R

  2. Then you will get list of files with file location, just open each file except build.json and find dropdown-help and comment/delete whole section.

  3. Just reload the erpnext page (Suggestion: press CTRL+F5)

  4. ENJOY :sunglasses:

If you still find any issue regarding this, feel free to ask me.

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I believe there is parallel thead discussing another approach to it - that is, building a neat custom app that handles help visibility in modules. You can reveiw it at Remove help from desk - #4 by froldan

@progShubham @froldan

I would to do the same thing for hiding the add comment, How?
I am sure if this is possible for Help then there should be a way to do it for Add Comment.