Disable local backups

To disable the local backups I the lines for backup from “crontab -e”, but it still creating backup files in {site}/private/backups.
Is there any way to disable them completely?

Why are you editing it manually ?

System setting have the backup selection option.
You should edit it from there and that should update it in the crontab.

In System settings there option for “Number of Backups”, should I set it to 0?

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@fkardame I have three sites on single bench only one site just performed backup locally, after removing the line from crontab and setting number of Backups in System settings to 0.

The same site is backing up to Dropbox and the site was restored from frappe.cloud site to GCP VM. Is there any additional setting I should look for.

Integration > Dropbox

I just want to disable local backups, above information is additional. I don’t want to disable Dropbox backup. I thought restoration from frappe.cloud or backup to Dropbox is the cause of local backups.