Disable new system of prefixing fields with "custom_"

hello, is there any way to disable auto prefixing fields with “custom_”
i think this should be optional or at least disabled if developer mode is on, because we use our custom prefixes in our apps etc

ok seems not configurable, i will disable it for me from custom_field.py

override CustomField class in custom app.


i always forget that, thanks for the reminder

Hi @revant_one

override CustomField class in custom app.

Thank you for the tip above. Could you please assist with some detail as to how to “override” ?

I am not writing a custom app, but I merely want to create a “Document Link” to a custom field.

Please refer my discussion thread…


Would appreciate if you can assist so that I can get my custom client script running.

Thank you

here is an app which i use locally to disable auto “custom_” prefixing for new fields, you can see the code example in overrides folder which also work with the hooks.py “override_doctype_class”

@willspence sorry i forgot to add the link

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Thank you so much for this @PyJumper !!

Just to put my experience level into perspective.

I am comfortable with LINUX
I do my own ERPNExt installs ( manually )
Since the begining of the year I started writing my own custom scripts

But this is all new to me, so please be patient.

From reading up it seems i have to do the following …

bench get-app reposistory
bench --site sitename install-app apname
bench update --patch
bench migrate
bench --site sitename enable-app appname
bench clear-cache
sudo service supervisor restart

where appname = custom_field_prefixing
repository = GitHub - ascorbic-acid/custom_field_prefixing

Am I on the right track ?

Thank you for your time.

hello, you are welcome for any questions :grinning:

what you did is right just few notes here:

  • “bench update --patch” is the same as “bench migrate”

  • “bench --site sitename enable-app appname” is not needed and i dont remember i used this before

  • “sudo service supervisor restart” you can just do “bench restart” this will restart it without sudo and also restart other services

finaly you can check if the app is installed in the help menu, if anything did not work you can ask anytime

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