Disable password change for a user


Is it possible to disable a user from changing his password?

Lots of people will be using a user for the manufacturing module, and we’d like to disable the option.


On “User” form there is option as “Enable”
you just uncheck it ,means it become disable
so you can not login to Respective user.

Thanks @shraddha

I want to use the user, I just don’t want the user to be able to change the password.

Just hide password.change section on user doctype

Sorry, but where can I find that? @jof2jc

It’s under user doctype. You have to set “developer_mode”: 1 in site_config.json first before able to modify doctype

Hi @jof2jc
OK. You just Hidden “Password” field for users

1.Go to “Doc Type”
2. search for “User”
3.open user form
4. you can either Hide Change password or Set New Password
So users can not edit password

It’s been a long time. Is it still the same approach? Only hiding is not a good option. Technical users still can call the API to change the password.