Disable POS open and close shift or Automate it

Is there a way to disable POS open and close shift? It is causing such an accounting headache. Our business works mostly on credit and thus none of the invoices are paid. They are still submitted since we need to tell when on is overdue and also update stock so that more can be ordered. However, the insistence on the system to open and close a shift is making this impossible. The closing of the shift is not even automatic. You have to scroll through all the sales invoices you have ever had and then select each one. You have to then enter an amount for each invoice because it doesn’t automatically do that either. And then you have to pick payment methods even though each invoice is paid in a different method (some even multiple). This seems like the worst coding of a POS system.
Can we disable it? If so how? If not, how do we automate it that it closes the shift with the invoices for the day and doesn’t demand a payment for each day?

What did you end up doing @NYPHARM ??