Disable Price List totally

Is there a way to disabling Price List totally. Because our prices are different every time.
And there are custom flows that generate the Quotation/SO/SI automatically with Item Rate set.

The moment price list rate fetched, it overwrites everything and to us, it got no use …
So is there a way to disable it or at least disable auto fetching functionality ?
Thank you!


you can manage with “Selling Setting”/ Buying Setting

Selling Setting:-
Either you do not set “Default Price List” or Enable “Allow user to edit Price List Rate in transactions”

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Thank you for your reply!! But if i remove the Default Price List. There is an error when creating the Quotation

Okay. Keep Default Price list as it is.
Selling Setting -
Enable “Allow user to edit Price List Rate in transactions” .
After that you can change rate at the time of transaction.


Still not really what we need because we have a custom button to generate/auto calculate the rate and amount. The price list just interfere with this. Even after enable that option, the user will be able to change the price list, it’s much more troublesome for them.

Hi @nathan_dole

Functionality to disable the price list is not available in the system. If item price is not available against the price list and item then system not fetch the rate. But recently auto item price creation feature added, which create the item price if not exist against the price list from the Quotation/SO/SI. Can you make a github issue for the same. We will add option in the selling settings to enable/disable auto item price creation.


Thank you for the response! Will raise an issue for this.

Hi, i’ve added the issue here Add enable/disable auto adding item price creation in Price List · Issue #6822 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
Thank you!

seems this feature is not yet implemented , were you able to find a workaround /customization to this ?

This worked for our use case. This also makes editing the Price List ion transaction level in Purchase possible.

By looking at the issue added in Add enable/disable auto adding item price creation in Price List · Issue #6822 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub, it seems to be already solved by un-checking the option “Auto Insert Item Price if Missing” in Stock Settings.

By doing this, prices are suggested from Price List, but when the rate is changed for an item in the Invoice, it does not mess the item discount amount for that item line.

This solves one issue , but it still checks the price list entry of each entry of an item , which causes a latency , which is another major issue ,-- avoiding the whole check when its not needed at all reduces the latency to fetch the item details by a whole lot.

I did a better solution in our company. Enter only the Price List Rate, the Rate is automatically copied, no Discount is computed.

Yes it checks the price list but latency is not a problem as response is quick in our case.