Disabled Round Off, Debit and Credit Difference Message showing

Hi All,

After upgrading to v10, and after having a problem with round off and Tax, It is not an issue just recently Tax came into the picture here so decimals started coming in the invoices.

I disabled the round off option. Now there are messages popping up when a new Purchase Invoice is being passed, saying that Debit and Credit for Sales Invoice XXXXXX. Difference of -0.5 or 0.5 depending on the invoice.

The first time I saw this, I amended the sales invoice which was highlighted in the message and the message stopped, now its like a Russian doll scenario, when the message comes for one invoice, trying to fix that it shows another message for another invoice and so on.

There are no customisations, just a regular install have been using since v7 upgraded and brought till v10 and round off was enabled by default since the beginning.

Anyone else facing a similar problem?

I stumbled upon this issue too, in version 10.1.74

I’ll let you know how to solve it.

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