Disabling (Hide) Cancel Button

Dear all,

I am trying to disable or hide the cancel button of submitted documents after some time (let’s say three months). Tried the disable_save() method but no luck. Any idea on how to go about?


If you don’t need Cancel Button. Then simply remove cancel permission from respective Doctype.

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I do need the cancel button. However, I want to disable cancelling documents which meets certain criteria (like document age, reconciled documents, etc).


If you want to do this for certain conditions. Then you have to do this using script. Use Jquery to find Cancel Button and hide it.

thanks @Sangram

I was able to do with jquery. However, I was looking for some inbuilt method like disable_save().


There is no inbuilt method for it.

Please share the method you followed

if(<--your logic here -->) {
                  $("<--target element-->").css("display", "none");

Not the most elegant, but ok!

Hi all,
I want to hide action button i tried as per u said but it’s not working for me pls tell me how to hide action button?

this function working
$(“.page-header-actions-block .btn-primary, .page-header-actions-block .btn-default”).addClass(‘hidden’);
$(“.text-right .btn-primary”).addClass(‘hidden’);

remove cancel permission for require master from Role Permissions Manager.

You can do it without jquery: