Disapperearing Sale Order on Delivery Challan

Hi, we have workflow that we create delivery challan after sale order and there is approval process. like one UserA will Save Delivery Challan from Sale Order and manager will approve it to submit.

But issue is UserA is keep getting list of all Sale Order whether it is save to Delivery Challan or not. Can anyone suggest how to disappear Sale Order in Delivery Challan (Get Item List) if it has been process for Delivery Challan.

You can explain a little more clearly with a screen shot on what you want to do, from what I understand you want to hide certain fields which can be done using “Customize Forms”

@Pawan, Ok I try to be more clear. In Delivery Note when user click “Get Item from”, he should get list of pending Sale Order only. e.g. in attach image Sale Order 0005 is already been use to create delivery note. But it is still reflecting in Get Item from

You can check if the delivery note you have created, has been submitted or no. The status being shown is “To Deliver and bill” in the search results

@Pawan, There are two users who are involve in Delivery Note, User A create delivery note and User B submit it. But it is always been confusing for userA that he keep getting list of all Sale Order. I want to hide sale order for UserA if Sale order has been use to create Delivery Note.
Whether UserB has submit it or not. if a Sale order is being use to create a Delivery Note even to Draft mode that should hide sale order.