Discount Amount Allocation

How do I know where the amount entered on a purchase invoice under the “Additional Discount” section is being allocated to? We have a specific account for Discounts Earned that I would like this amount to go to but I am not seeing it go there on my GL so I’m assuming I need to set this somewhere? I cannot locate where to specify this account. Thanks!

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Does anyone know the answer to this question? I am having trouble figuring out where our discounts are being applied? What account by default and how to change it?

in V11, when you get a purchase discount, I see that it goes to account 2200 Stock Liabilities → 2210 Stock Received But Not Billed

and I have the same question as you guys, if I need that this amount goes into a different account, can it be configured somewhere?

@charlie-cook were you able to work around this requirement?

Any Idea ? how to find out?

I believe this article should answer your question

I want to add a discount on two columns. I’ve added the form filed in the item list. Please tell me how can I calculate the discount. Please See the below image.

Calculation Like this.

4260 Rs - 5% - 6%

4260 Rs - 213 Rs - 242.82 = 3804.18 Rs