Discount and POS

I have several issues with the POS (cloud user)

  1. Discounts are not subtracted from total…so they dont work
  2. Opened the configuration screen for POS and safed…is no longer possible without defining a user…///this may be an improvement not a bug
  3. I have a 4 non-synchronized invoices…I believe for identification /management the date should be shown in the list of non-synchronized invoice…
    4…If one loads such invoice…and processes a payment which date is used ???..the present or the date the invoice was originally created…A date field in the POS is required!!! to check this
    5 If i synchronize …nothhing happens…
    rgds robert

@becht_robert thanks for reporting . Please create a issue on github .

It helps us to track the issue and fix it asap.

ok, thnx robert