Discount at Fee Structure

Under Education Module
How to handle discount?
I want to use separate GL Account when posting to GL.

While creating the payment entry for fees you can write-off the amount in the ledger you want.

Yes, but what I need is want to show only amount to collect at Fees Outstanding Report
If we write off at Payment Entry, Fees Outstanding Report will show Amount before Discount.
It will not convenience for End user.
Thank you for your support.

Not an expert in this domain. Always wondered, why not use Sales Order/Invoice for Fees. Or at least, duplicate most features on those doctypes (which still gets us back to why not use the Sales doctypes for fees, probably to avoid clutter on those doctypes for non education domain users. With separate apps in v14, I hope fees can be merged into sales doctypes. Has the added advantage of doing aging for student/fees)

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There are 3 possible ways.

  1. Write-off (at payment entry)
  2. Use student categories to create different fee structures (discounted fee structure for some students)
  3. Write customizations to fee doctype to include discount amounts like in sales invoice.
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My organization has taken a 4th approach, already suggested here, which is to customize the Program Enrollment doctype to generate Sales Invoices rather than Fees. The Sales Invoice doctype is just so much more sophisticated than Fees ever will be, and customizing Fees just felt like unnecessary catch-up work.

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@peterg We have mapped student to customer and use sales invoice to bill for stock items and non-fee items. This meets our requirements here for now.

I agree that fee can be an invoice and not only program enrollment but doctypes like fee schedule can be modified to generate invoices. We will have the possibilities of combining stock and non-stock items in the same invoice. Ofcourse fee records cannot match to the features of sales invoice.


Thank you all for your valuable advise.
Currently, we had do some customization on Fee Structure.

The third option looks appealing to me
Sir, can you please me in this customisation

Same issue had been holding up my job,
can you please give some suggestion for the customisation of discount