Discount issue on save


when i issue a sales invoice , and press on get items from sales order, it loads the items and everything from sales order , the discount is 5% on each item.
When i press save , the discount turns to 4.99% and the calculation is done on 4.99%.
and it’s not on all sales invoices , it’s on particular invoices , till now it happened on 2 invoices , one on 30 % shows 29.99 and the other mentioned above.
Any thoughts about this issue?

Probably a rounding error. You can change the number of decimals under setup…system settings…date and number format

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i tried to change it from this side , but this is not the issue because this field is a custom field and it is filled by a custom script , it has been always filled correctly except in these 2 cases and i made more than 1900 invoices so only 2/1900 had this issue which i can’t relate the problem to anything

you can use a python string format then - example here

i’ve seen that post but this isn’t the case , i have a custom field named discount percentage which is read only , and a custom script which fills it , only in these 2 cases of invoices it showed the number wrong from 1950 invoices , so i have no idea what went wrong , pretty sure not the format because the rest would have been wrong too

Maybe you had a dodgy character set in those 2? Was this from in import?

it was from get item from sales order and the other get item from delivery note