Print format numbering

hello , is there a way when printing a sales invoice for example or any other bill in the print format to like print the numbers in discount , rate , amount section with 2 numbers after the comma and not 3 numbers , cz by default erp treats it like 23.567 and not 23.56
is it possible to make it 23.56? 2 numbers after the comma …

In the jinja2 file, you can set it like this…

<td class="rt">{{ "X {:,.2f}".format(doc.YOUR_FIELD) }}</td>

The X is your [optional] currency symbol and I have left the comma to separate the thousands with a comma, but if you don’t want that, then just leave it off ({:.2f} will create 1000.00 instead of 1,000.00)


thanks for your reply! i usually only customize it from print format only , not sure where exactly to write this line , if you could explain more i would appreciate it

Have a look at this post… it outlines a basic custom format.