Discount on Purchase Invoice but not Purchase Receipt

I’d be glad if someone can help me out.

I have a purchase receipt of received items.
The Purchase Invoice however contains a discount of $10 and the payment entry contains the reduced total. → Purchase Invoice status is “Paid”.

However the purchase receipt status is still on “To Bill”, as the $10 are still missing (according to the receipt). Also the “Stock received but not billed” account has the discount difference of $10 Cr.

What is the correct way to inform the purchase receipt about the discount? A journal entry (credit note) is not sufficient, as there is no link to the purchase receipt, am I right? The discount was on the total invoice, not the item.

I looked into Landed Cost Voucher, but there is no option for listing discounts.

Any ideas on this?


You can apply discount by using Additional Discount Amount in Purchase Receipt like in Purchase Invoice.

Also, creation of purchase invoice from purchase receipt and vice versa are available.

Problem is, both are already submitted and cannot be amended.

In such case, please do the following steps:

  1. Change the Account Type of the Default Stock Received But Not Billed to be Chargeable, Tax or Expense Account.

  2. Create a new Landed Cost Voucher and select the Purchase Receipt.

  3. Choose the default Stock Received But Not Billed account and put the discount amount in negative value in Applicable Charges table.

  4. Then, save, submit and check the accounting ledger.

  5. Don’t forget to change the Account Type again.

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Thank you so much.
This solved my issue.