Discount on sales invoice

if i want to make slides of discounts on sales invoice amount
for example if customer buying from 500 to 1000 giving him discount 2% and if he buy from 1001 to 2000 giving him discount 3% and if he buy from 2001 to 3500 give him discount 5% And so on

How can it be done?

Start here

For q&a pointers and details search on say ‘bulk discount’ ‘quantity pricing’ and so on.

Hi welcome and have fun

I searched and tried to solve it but I could not

The question is what you tried and the result - you will need to share that?

if customer purchase more than 1 amount up to 500 amount he enjoys 1% discount
and if he purchase more than 501 amount up to 1000 amount he enjoys 2% discount
And so on

Create two pricing rules for the respective amounts. and it will automatically apply on the sales orders.