Discount_percentage in POS Item wise (not overall discount percentage) is getting difference in point decimal places

Hi Folks, to all the wonderful people over there.

Scenario: Online POS

When I give discount_percentage for line-wise items, consider 10%, it is getting changed to 9.95% after generating invoice.

Similarly, it is happening to all line-wise items . Either less or more than the given.
Although, it will not make a huge difference of loss or gain but, during audits and tax filing, it is causing issue.

Workaround I did before posting on forum:

  1. I changed discount_percentage value depends upon “price_list_rate” in Sales Invoice Item doctype. (=> No success)

2.In point_of_sales.js , i changed discount_percentage from text to “val” (=> No success)

  1. I checked the db for “tabSales Invoice Item”, printing in terminal, but even it is getting stored as 9.95 instead of 10% for discount_percentage.

Concern: The discount_percentage is getting changed in Point Of Sales (Online).

Please help me fix this,
Thank you