Discounts from PO applies to multiple Purchase Receive and duplicates the amount

We have created this MAT-MR-2023-02483, and then we have converted the MR to a Purchase Order with a $150 discount amount on the Purchase Order. However, we have received the materials in two batches. The system is applying the same amount of discount on the Material Requests and duplicates the amount. We have already gone ahead and created the Purchase Invoices to make sure the amount is appearing in the ledgers. Here are the screenshots below with a little description.

Expected Result: The discount amount from the PO should only be applied to one of the Purchase Receipts.

Current Result: In the case of having several Purchase Receipts, the discount amount from the PO is applied to each and every Purchase Receipt created on the same PO.

  1. Here is the Material Request. MAT-MR-2023-02483
  2. The Material Request has been converted to the Purchase Order. PUR-ORD-2023-02875Below is the $150 discount amount.
  3. Here are both of the Purchase Receipts with the same amount of discount applied to both of them.First: MAT-PRE-2023-02893The total is $400 and a discount of $150 has been applied and the net total is $250.

Second: The second MR. MAT-PRE-2023-02894

The total amount is $3925 and the full amount of the discount has been applied and the net total is $3775

In our workflow, the Warehouse team is doing the Purchase receipt whenever they receive any goods or materials and they don’t have access or permission to any discount amount. I believe this is a bug and your help is highly appreciated.