Discrepancies Between Instance from Production Image and ERPNext Cloud

We use ERPNext Cloud for work where we administer two different companies and have a local instance using Virtual Box where we test features that we would like implement.

We have noticed some differences between these two instances.

For example, both instances have the same Default Company in Global Defaults. In the local version of ERPNext whenever a new Sales Order is created (or any other document that has the Comapny field), the chosen Company is the same as that of the Global Defaults. However, in the ERPNext Cloud instance this is not the case and the Company chosen by default is always, independently of the Global Defaults, the company chosen when we first signed up for ERPNext Cloud.

Here’s another example that I have described before about differences between the two instances.

Both instances are now running ERPNext: v9.1.6 (master) and Frappe Framework: v9.1.9 (master). However, we have noticed these discrepancies when we were running v8 as well.

The cloud instance runs the exact same instance. It must be a configuration issue.

What setting/configuration other than that listed in Global Defaults is able to make the same company be chosen by default?

I have only changed system, selling, buying setting and global defaults on both instances and they are the same.

There’s another discrepancy that I noticed today: In the ERPNext Cloud instance, I have Donation/Sales Invoice and Donor/Client instead of just Sales Invoice and Client.

Is this last thing due to an update for ERPNext Cloud?

I have not changed any settings nor am I aware of any that could make this change.

UPDATE: Donation and Donor are gone from ERPNext Cloud now. Probably due to upgrade to v9.2.0?