[Discuss] Allow Multiple Price List in Customer

Hello Team,

I’ve been using ERPNext since 2019 and I’m facing a situation with Prices List. In our company, for example, we have distributor price list for some items and end-user price list for other items. It will be very complex if we design many different prices list as combinations exits, this will grow in a unpredictable complexity.

My point is, if we allow to select multiple price list to a customer, when quoting or selling, we could fetch all item prices in those combine price lists. Of course, there could be cases of duplicate item prices difficult to validate, in this case, we could resolve this by either choosing the most expensive one or any other configurable rule, for example (choose the greater value, most recent or add a priority same as we do in Pricing Rule).

I know very well the goal for Pricing Rule, but it is quite complex to create pricing rule for every case when the situation could be resolved by just allow to add multiple price list.

Currently, I added a Field and create a Price List specific for that customer, for example, Customer (Combined), everytime a Price List is updated or the customer is updated, I run a hook to recalculate combined list just to leave the current behavior intact, but this could be something we could develop out-of-the-box.

I would like to hear your opinions about this and I’m available to participate in developing this feature.