[ Discussion and Proposal ] Whatsapp Implementation bounty

Hi Lulian, I have already started the initial effort required to work on the feature. I usually take a good enough time in the design phase to make sure that I’ve got the idea right. I will post my own version of the proposal once I’ve got the idea right and let everyone know that I am starting development.

It’s great that you have put a good amount of bounty into it, I appreciate it, but can I ask where and to whom?

If I end up integrating WhatsApp into the chat system of frappe, I would assume it would be a lot more work than expected.

I would have really liked to use BountySource or IngieGoGo or something similar, however, such crowdfunding services do not support my country.

I would like to gather both, more funds and development effort if possible. If anyone is interested in working together, I’d love to discuss that.

Hi Saif! We have already started the development process thanks to the contribution of Lulian and some of our clients.

That’s why we went from a post on discuss to a github with a pre-analysis.

To collaborate in the project we need opinions (there are already questions we are asking), testing and code review.

I followed this conversation in github, where after this, we can make one more bounty to expand the functionalides.



Indeed Federico has moved quite promptly with everything so it would be good to follow him and all of contribute with everything we have to make this happen

Personally, I don’t see the use of WhatsApp in the erpnext chat, my employees, clients and suppliers will never user it.

We have made the first PR (feat: [WIP] Whatsapp integration by fproldan · Pull Request #19251 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub) that contains:

  • Configuration for Twilio
  • Modifications in the SMS Center in order to can send Whatsapp messages.
  • Modifications in the “Send SMS” menu to be able to send a document for Whatsapp.

Feedback is appreciated


Hi all, may I know this initiative is focus on WhatsApp or WhatsApp business ? Or both can be apply?

I’m exited to see the integration and it will benefits a lot of users.

Great job !!

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Both are supposed to work. WhatsApp Business specifically should work because I suppose erpnext is used by companies, not by individuals haha

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@froldan based on the comment of @Mohammed_Redha on the PR - does it mean it will not be included into erpnext core ?

Well, for good reason Frappe and the code maintainers decide what code is admissable.

Here there’s the question of one or two validation tests - to prove and demo the integration works as expected. When the inevitable change breaks something, tests help detect and inform when that occurs.

Test infected pays rich long term dividends in product quality and maintainable code. For learning too, they point the way so anyone who wishes can adapt and grow this as they please and contribute back.

Thanks all for this submission!

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Very much agreed :slight_smile:

Just trying to understand the internet language … couldn’t get the point wether or not it gets added or not. It’s quite alright either way haha

Thanks for your vote of support Iulian - test driven is a good thing and truly rocks!

To skip them can lead to technical debt that can mushroom to surely doom an ambitious work such as this, however well intentioned.

Fortunately more and more now Frappe not just requests but insists that a PR includes basic tests for key submissions to pass muster…

Will the current SMS functionality get affected? We have automatic SMS notification ongoing - and need to ensure that existing functionality is not broken. Appreciate clarification. Thanks.

The current SMS functionality should not be affected. This PR is a work in progress and we will add the required tests besides the manual tests.

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Hi, we can not ensure that the functionality will be included in the core but we will do the job required in order to accomplish all the requirements that are needed in this type of contributions.

The @Mohammed_Redha opinion is valid, if the community and frappe team consider that part of the functionality must be in frappe we will make the necessary changes.

This type of submission are prone to require certain amount of time and changes before get merged so we must have a little bit of patience :wink:

Thanks @Mohammed_Redha for the feedback.

We will continue with the work…


I am curious to know how are you achieving the automatic SMS notification?


@palashjhabak Custom Scripts. I have suggested / requested a feature - Notification channel similar to Email on this forum. Did not get any feedback / interest from users or developers. :frowning:

I would contribute for WhatsApp integration as well.

I am not leading the contribution, @froldan is the guy to talk to… but I am very sure if funding is necessary, it’s welcome as always haha

Thank you for being open to it…

Hey guys,
So how is everything working on this implantation ?

Any updates ?

Hi Lulian! Here we consult the frappe team for notifications with the WatssApp channel in the PR.


In reality, we have not yet received any approval for everything we did officially.

We will also move forward with the documentation of what has been done.


Question would be now, even if frappe decides not to approve or ignores us completely which would not be a surprise …

Can we still use this development privately ? sharing it with others as they use it on their own engagement… because ultimately that’s why we did it.