[discussion] Any chance to allow pdf creation also with pyfpdf?

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any chance to move to:

it sound better than actual way to create pdf, any thoughts?

To print html directly to pdf works better wkhtmltopdf, to make a very personalizated pdf or print barcodes is better tool fpdf (php or python version), for me are different tools. In old erp here (php) we use both. Make an pdf from zero, with page breaks, personalizated headers by page, etc on fpdf is a shot in the ass …

I used to use php version of it.

I found wkhtmltopdf not really personalizable and hard to print custom formats …true that fpdf is not that simple, but i prefer fpdf than wkhtmltopdf for personalizing …

I would not remove wkhtmltopdf because it is the best way to print html templates since it uses internally webkit, doing this same with fpdf is death in life and a much longer time spent. In any case, what I would do is make an ‘advanced’ module for generating pdfs, but it will require code to make the pdf. Fpdf is not so trivial to use as to be able to generate pdf easily from the Erpnext interface imo.

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I agree in not removing wkhtmltopdf, just would allow advanced module for custom development …