[Discussion] Caddy server in place of nginx?

Hi all,

what about use https://caddyserver.com instead of nginx?

Good or bad move?

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Just give one good valid reason that would make you move and be a tester for unproven server? BIG RISK with no any pay back
It selling point that it provides automatic integration with any ACME-enabled certificate authority (i.e. LetsEncrypt). And if you use Nginx you know its not a hard thing to do (much easier to learn on nginx than learning a new complete server)

I would understand someone would choose Caddy for personal website or blog to avoid the hassle of encryption everywhere, but you don’t do such move with business product

@ganas It seems that’s faster than nginx, btw it was just a thought

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Not a bad thought (I had it myself) at that but perhaps the question is what does Nginx actually do for ERPNext and can caddy server replace it - I have only tried it with .html and .php sites


It could be easier and useful for local development for those of us looking to get in to the coding aspect of contributions, but for production deployments maybe not at this point.

However, caddy packs quite a punch so I would not discredit it entirely.

Modern feature set Caddy supports HTTP/2, IPv6, Markdown, WebSockets, FastCGI, templates and more, right out of the box.