"Discussion in webpage" is not working on mobile

On ERPNext 13, I tried to have a webpage (using page builder) with “Discussion” web template (single thread). Everything looks working fine on Laptop, but on mobile, whether I am logged on not, I get (check “Donation” and below it):

neither it says login to post (when not logged-in) nor I am able to type in box (when logged-in).

In either case it also not shows the discussion already posted.

When I logged-in on Laptop, I get:

and when not logged in, I get (on Laptop):

i.e. it says: Want to join discussion? [Login]

What could be the issue?

It is live at: (will not be available after a couple of days).


It was not ERPNext 13, but Frappe Framework: v14.x.x-develop () (develop). ERPNExt app is not installed.

Also noticed that template “Hero with right images”, image is shown on laptop, but not on mobile.

Is it feature or bug?