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Our use case is that we have multiple WhatsApp groups for quick communications and updates where pictures and files are also shared. To do lists are created and lost.

In fact, increasingly WhatsApp is augmenting/replacing email as the preffered mode of communication. The downside of WhatsApp is that the data is buried in WhatsApp and we cannot bring it into our ERP system. Recently, we started experimenting with Flock Messenger which has ToDo lists and apps that can be built to suit businesses. Microsoft has launched Kaizala which is similar.

I imagine a lightweight ERP connected channel-based messaging app can be built/customized where the ERP desktop module mirrors the channels ala WhatsApp Web. This way the data exchanged can be part of the ERP system.

My questions:

  1. Is this something that people reuqire?
  2. What is the difficulty level to build this with ErpNext?
  3. Can we build this as an extension on existing open messaging platforms and integrate with ERPNext so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel?

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Possibly you are aware of this… [tutorial] ERPNext Notification to Flock App - Webhook

We are using Crisp. There is an open sourced app connecting ERPNEXT and Crisp. Cheers

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Yes. We built this out and are trying to contribute it back.

But thank you so much for replying to this thread and your activity on the

Thanks jai_kejriwal!

ERPNext is growing into a surprising product that has much to do with its ‘better together’ culture…