[Discussion] UI/UX: New control - Tab Break

@netchampfaris as module leader, what you think about introducing a new tab break control (to add to Section and Column break) to be able to tabulate long forms?

Mind giving a sample use case? I am having trouble understanding what a tab break is.

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@James_Robertson here it comes; i mean something like Odoo UI:

Very interesting. I proposed this same thing in May and it got a thumbs down

I am all for it! I think for desktop level access (not mobile) a tabbed interface would be fantastic.


Well, is not that bas on mobile as well (click on image to see gif if it doesn’t start :smile:) :

I think it’s worth to develop it or at least let the user choose what’s best …


oh yea. That does work fine on mobile too. I still this its a good idea. You can combine collapsable sections in a tab with various tabs to drastically shorten the pages. Saves a lot of scrolling up and down. You got my vote!


Let’s see what @netchampfaris says about this and what foundation members thinks …


We currently have Section Break and Column Break for customizing the layout of forms.
Section Breaks work well because they cleanly separate logical groups of fields.

I think tabs are used to separate a component as a whole (imagine tabs in chrome, or in file browsers).
I don’t think we really need tabs.

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Well, i don’t agree with that.

As u can see in odoo UI, it can be used nicely to separate section like tabs instead of actual Section Break with the advantage that’s not needed to scroll up and down big forms like item with lot of sections

Tabbed interfaces are a great option when you have long Forms and need to Group fields in a logical order… There are a lot of great implementations both on mobile and desktop environments.

ERP next would really benefit from this option. Hopefully it gets traction.

I think you should add this in with the post @joshreeder started to introduce a new interface - https://discuss.frappe.io/t/desk-2-0-getting-started.

@netchampfaris I believe there should be some consideration towards this as I find the present hide / expand option of section breaks plays havoc when dealing with child tables containing many fields i.e. customise forms / developer doctype - if you deal with a child table entry that has a large amount of section breaks / fields and you scroll down the form to make a change and when you close it you are at the base of the parent document view and have to scroll all the way back up to where you were. Also with section breaks, there is excessive scrolling required. This could also come down to an interface factor given we cannot utilise the left and right sections of the screen as suggested elsewhere. Just my thought.

Can we move these discussions to https://discuss.frappe.io please?

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