Tabbed Interface?

As I have been using ERPNext for the past 8 or so months, one thing that is starting to grate on me and my employees is all the scrolling up and down we do to fill in the various documents. While the collapsible sections are great and work well, they don’t lend themselves very well to displaying a lot of information. This is especially true when you are working with fields on a related table and open up a dialog box that scrolls off the page. Or you were near the bottom of the page and a dialog opens up near the top of the page and you can’t see it right away - you have to scroll up to go “find” it.

What is the thought of going to a tabbed interface? Keep collapsible sections on the tabs, but move related information to horizontal tabs to shorten the page/dialog length.

I realize this is a major user interface change, however I would like for the team to consider it. Might be one of those v9 big roadmap things like we have been discussing here - [Roadmap] Path to v9,

As an example, let’s use the Item document. Right now it has 12 sections:

  1. Related Documents
  2. Item Overview (this is where Item name is, the section does not really have a title)
  3. Description
  4. Units of Measure
  5. Variants
  6. Purchase Details
  7. Supplier Details
  8. Foreign Trade Details
  9. Sales Details
  10. Item Tax
  11. Inspection Criteria
  12. Website

What if we consolidated this into 6 tabs?

  1. Related Documents
  2. Item Details
    – with these sections: Item Overview, Description, Units of Measure and Variants
  3. Buying
    – with these sections: Purchase Details, Supplier Details
  4. Selling
    – with these sections: Sales Details, Foreign Trade Details, Item Tax
  5. Fulfillment
    – with Inspection Criteria
  6. Website
    – with Website

If we go this route, then dialogs should be changed to open at the top of the “page” (force scroll to top if needed) and not open at the row in the table where they do now.



We have had this discussion before. Tabs are not natural to users + bad on mobile interfaces + there are no good patterns for tabs flowing over to the next line (tabbed scrolling ??).

This is not on our list as of now. If anyone contributes a good implementation, go ahead! happy to consider it.


Much as I know tabbed interfaces have some great advantages, I think the current single page approach lends itself better to a mobile-first design. I do however agree that we should find ways of making it easier to manage long docs


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I see how tabs don’t lend themselves to mobile devices. So that does make sense. Maybe its the issue with dialogs and long pages that is most annoying. Especially when I am at the bottom of a page and the dialog opens near the top of the page off screen (e.g. above it) so I have to go “find” the dialog box.

I also agree that tabbed scrolling could be an issue so that does make sense as well.

So what are options to make the dialog boxes work better from a user experience perspective?