Dispatch planning between Sales order and Delivery Note

Hi ERPNext Team,

First of all, awesome erp software you have created. Thanks for all the effort. Now i have a slight problem and hope to find a solution. Our sales orders always have part shipments and each order continues for a minimum of an year. Currently what happens in ERPNext is that when we book a sales order, and we see the Stock projected quantity report, it considers the entire quantity in every sales order for calculating the projected quantity. This is fine except we are not able to plan our dispatches and what material we are short of for the planned dispatches. So is it possible to have another form of Dispatch Planning which takes data from Sales order, wherein we can enter the items and quantities to be dispatched in various sales orders and the projected stock report or the item shortage report considers the quantities in dispatch planning table instead of the sales order table for calculating the shortfall in items. This way we will have a clear picture in realtime what items we are short of based on the dispatches planned.

Thanks a lot again.

Add a GitHub issue for this feature request.


Thanks for the guidance, i have raised the feature request in the link provided by you and hoping for the best.


Do you think a report could help in this?

Thanks for replying. A report is actually what is required. So as far as I understand, the normal material shortage report takes the quantities from the sales order for all items. In that report the only change to be made is to take the quantities and items from the dispatch plan table instead of the sales order table, rest everything remains the same. Ofcourse for this dispatch plan table some sort of entry form would also be required which can take the items from sales order and we can enter the quantities which are planned for dispatch for a particular sales order. And if further integration can be done so that the sales invoice and delivery note generation can take items from this dispatch plan table based on sales order number, that would be perfect. How can I get this done. Thanks.

Hello @amitoberoi. May I know if you got a solution to handle dispatch planning? I think we also have the same need for our current setup.
I hope to hear from others too.