Display a read-only link field as a button

I have created a new Doctype which has a read-only link field in it. This links back to the Customer Doctype and displays the Customer’s Name as a link.
What would be the best way to display this read-only link field as a coloured button, Say using the BS Alert style? Is it possible to override this particular read-only link field css somehow?
If this is not possible any help creating a custom script that would allow my button field (in the same new Doctype) to pull the URL from the read-only link field would be great.
Thank You.

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@System19 add a button field and write the handler to open your doc

frappe.ui.form.on("my doctype", "my button", function(frm) { frappe.set_route("Form", ..., frm.doc.link  });
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@rmehta Thanks Heaps. Will play around with this when I get home this evening.
Have a great day :slight_smile: