Display custom text field in print format

I created a custom field in the item Form Type.

I would like to add this new field to the Item (Table) in the print format (sales order, sales invoice and delivery note) but I cannot see my custom fields anywhere.

How can I do that?


Go to that custom field on item and check In_Grid_View option,
Fill data in that custom field whenever you make any sales order or invoice.

Go to your print format list, select print format that you want to edit,
Just use this {%- for row in doc.items -%} <tr> <td>{{row.item_name}}</td> <td>{{ row.item_code }}</td> <td>{{ row.your_custom_field_name }}</td> </td> </tr> {%- endfor -%} on your print format code.

Select the print format and click Edit Format. Drag and Drop the “Custom Html” where you want to display the custom field and Add this {{ doc.custom_field_name }}

If you want to display with lable Add this
YOUR_LABLE: {{ doc.custom_field_name }}

Thanks for your replies.

I cannot drag and drop the custom html format because I want to display it directly in the item table.

Regarding the code from @lokesh I’m not sure where you put this.

Put this code in the html field of your print format.
For example,
my custom print format name is sales quotation


On the Supplier DocType Print Format, I want to Display "Supplier GSTIN and Supplier Address. Is there any workaround for this ?