Display data from one doctype in another

I am basically using the app as installed and need a few minor tweaks to make it work with my cGMP manufacturing operation. I have read hundreds of example scripts but keep running into errors I can’t seem to fix. I have tried client side, and server+client side scripts and just can’t get anything to work. The doctypes I am working on are out of the box from the fresh install.

Basically I want to display the status of a “quality inspection” as quarantine (default setting), release or reject in the batch doctype. I attached a couple pics to give an example.

I have installed the app on a local PC and can access all the files.

(I can’t attach a second pic but I want the status field echoed on the batch doctype)

Any tips on getting this to work?

This finally worked. I deleted the custom field (status) and re-added it to the batch doctype as Data. Then used this custom script:

    doctype:'Quality Inspection',
    if(r.message !== undefined){
        cur_frm.set_value('status', r.message.status);

Had to alt-refresh to force a refresh but it seems to work now.