Display Different Pricelist On Website Depending On User Permission

I want to create a B2B website, but we also have a Woocommerce store for retail customers. I was thinking of using the ERPNext website for B2B and I started another thread on that topic. But I’m also thinking about using the ERPNext website for both B2B and retail customers. This would mean different pricing depending on what type of customer is viewing the product.

I’m a novice at programming, but quite determined and I usually manage to hack my way through with a bit of top down thinking.

Where do I start with this? I assume I would need to create a custom user type for B2B customers, so in user permissions a user can be a Customer, or a “Trade Customer”. Is this something you can do in ERPNext? Customer user types?

Next I would need to write a script to determine the pricelist to be used on the website depending on user type.

How do I get started on this? Do I use a custom script, or a custom app?

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You can create a price list and set it up either for a customer or customer group.

Now when a customer who is assigned a specific price lists logs in, they will see only that on the website.


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Thanks, I will try it out. I had no idea it worked on the website.