Display gantt chart issue with new doctype Planning

Hello, community,
I have new doctype called Planning
And make planning_calendar.js file to start working on charts, but after refreshing the record is shoed with wrong and fixed dates!

This is my code:-

frappe.views.calendar["Planning"] = {
	field_map: {
		"start": "start_date",
		"end": "end_date",
		"id": "name",
		"title": "subject",
		"allDay": "allDay"
	gantt: true,
	filters: [
			"fieldtype": "Link",
			"fieldname": "project",
			"options": "Project",
			"label": __("Project")
	get_events_method: "erpnext.projects.doctype.planning.planning.get_events"

This is how it shows:-


Please note that in Develop, Frappe are working on a slightly differently laid out Gantt chart, so i would check your code works against Develop first as otherwise you will be targetting two slightly different GUI’s otherwise

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Did you find any solutions for your problem!?

We’re also having the same issue. @OmarJaber have you managed to get any resolution? This is very frustrating. We’ve also logged a bug on github: ToDo Gantt erroneous behaviour · Issue #15582 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Any ideas anyone?