Display Item Code in Stock Module

Hello Every one,

I want to display item_code filed in stock / buying module, Currently its property hidden is not set from the doctype, but still it is not display.

Can any one please help me on this.

Thank You.

Item Code is same as Name

Tqx @rmehta, For your reply. :smile:

That is interesting. We currently have a five digit code for our items in our existing system and a name. When I manually add items, I put both in. The name displays in the column labeled name and the code displays in an unnamed column to the right of item group. The item code also displays to the left of the printer icon when the item is pulled up. I am able to search on that number. This is exactly how I want my inventory and is perfect.

My current problem is that when I import, it seems to match what you just stated and my item code is ignored and those two spots it displays on manual entry are empty.

Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you

There are 4 database fields to consider:

  • name
  • item_code
  • item_name
  • description
  1. name
  • This is the primary key of every ERPNext table.
  • This field is shown on the far-right of a List Page. It’s the column without a column header.
  • This field is shown to the left of the printer :printer: on the Item page.
  1. item_code
  • This is not displayed on List Page or Item page.
  • However, the application ensures value of item_code is always identical to name.
  • You cannot edit item_code by itself. It’s normally never displayed.
  • When you click Menu – Rename, the system renames both name and item_code at the same time.
  1. item_name : The short name of your product (140 characters max)
  2. description : The long description of your product (64k characters max)

I’m unsure why item_code exists, when it’s treated as 2nd class citizen, and always set equal to name. Maybe this changes with Variants. I’ve never tried those.

Just keep them the same during your import.


Procedurally, I had managed to make it work before I left the office. However, this gives me more insight into how it is intended to function. Thanks so much for your reply!