Display manager names instead of employee id

i want to display name of manager for employee instead of id on the field using Employee Doctype when i choose employee name

is there anyone help for my issue

Could you please explain your issue more clearly?

i have doctype include employee _code employee _name , manager fields

i want … if i chose employee_code bring to me manager name instead of id

how can bring name of specific field instead of it id

i save id of the manage in the table how can i make link to bring his name if i choose employee

Check the Frappe view settings; it might be helpful to you. You can find more information here: Frappe View Settings Documentation

Did you try auto-fetch options?
You will get the exact solution to add a custom field and data auto-fetch by the desired reference field.

Noman Haider

thank you for the help

i tried but there is no solution yet .

just bring employee_id not the name i think i must add Clint script to bring name instead of id

thank you for the help also