Display message in python other than using msgprint

As frappe.msgprint does not support a lot of format, what other method to display message to the screen other than msgprint?

For example, I have to below code and I need to display the amount value on screen, it is not displaying it properly:

Income_Tax_Amount_db = frappe.db.sql(“”"
select amount
from tabSalary Detail
where parent like ‘Sal Slip/EMP/0002/00008’ and salary_component like ‘Income Tax’

I tried:

frappe.msgprint(_(“Salary Slip Deduction Component from DB {0}”).format(Income_Tax_Amount_db[0]))

and I tried:

frappe.msgprint(_(“Salary Slip Deduction Component from DB {0}”).format(Income_Tax_Amount_db))

But display the amount in this shape:
(275392.857143,) —> In case I used format(Income_Tax_Amount_db[0]
((275392.857143,),) → In case I used format(Income_Tax_Amount_db

I need to display the amount as it should appear normally: 275392.857143, how?
By the way, why I can not use print method that is used in native python?
For example, I tried the below syntax but it did not show any output at the screen and at the same time it did not give any error.

print “Let us test %s” % Income_Tax_Amount_db

Thanks for the help in advance.

Result of an SQL query is a tuple (record) of tuples (dataset)

so you need Income_Tax_Amount_db[0][0]

If you need formatting frappe.format(Income_Tax_Amount_db[0][0], dict(fieldtype='Currency')

Thanks a lot @rmehta. It worked with dict(fieldtype=‘Currency’) and without and in both cases, I did not see the currency appeared in the print. So, what is the benefit of using dict(fieldtype=‘Currency’)?

From the other side, what other methods than frrappe.msgprint that I can use?