Display Naming Series and print GST value simple

Problem-1 : display “OA-00001” near print symbol
Problem-2 : both GST value display simple not in table

Did you create Custome DocType for Sales Order?
Can you explain your query clearly…

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I did not create Custome doctype for Sales Order. Sales Order is a sample example @rk_root
I created custom doctype(Order Acceptance) in selling Module.

Problem-1: In this case, i want to display naming series values (Like “OA-00001”) near print symbol.
Ex. Sales Order (In Sales Order, Naming series display near print symbol and also in Quotation, Sales Invoice)

Problem-2: In this case, i want display both GST values as simple way not in table.
Ex. Sales Order (In Sales Order, GST’s values display in simple. so i want to display that way.)

Note: These GST fields are same in Sales Order and Order Acceptance. So problem is not in backend and doctype fields.
Left side images are my custom doctype images and Right side images are sample images.