Display Result in Tabular Format On Some Event Or Triger


I have created one loan master doctype, In which I want to calculate and display installment amount month wise on change of loan amount Like below .

How can I dynamically generate this type of table? or Is there any better approach to achieve this?

Thank you

You can achieve this by adding a child table on Loan Master form.

Thank you for your reply,

How can I dynamically add new rows in child table using coding??

Thank you

self.set(“child_table_field_name”, [{“month”:“1”, …, “balance”:“8100”}, …, {“month”:“6”, …, “balance”:“0”} ])

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Hello Thank you for your reply,

when i try to add new row in child table using coding, It show following error,

Uncaught TypeError: self.set is not a function

my added line is :
self.set(“testing”, [{“fname”:“1”,“lname”:“8100”}]);

Where you wrote your method, inside or outside class? Add method inside class.

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thank you very much ,
Its working now.

Is it possible to do this by using javascript. ??

and I want to add row in child table of some other doctype not self doctype, Is it possible???

Thank you