Display the 1st and 2nd row only in Jinja

Hi Everyone, Hope you can help me with my issue.
Is it possible to show only the 1st and 2nd row on my template?

as of now here’s my code.

        {% for tax in doc.taxes %}
                <td style="color:red;">{{tax.description}} {{ "<b>for IO#: " + tax.tax_io_no + "</b>" if tax.tax_io_no else '' }}</td>
                <td style="position: absolute; left: 504px;"><p class="amountcss">{{ "{:,.2f}".format(tax.tax_amount) }}</p>


Try accessing the rows by index. For instance, use:
Instead of looping thru the the whole taxes list


Try this

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Thank you for the tip I really appreciate it.

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Thank you so much @Francisco_Buendia
It works. You’re a life saver.

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