Display UOM Coloum in Item Table

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I enjoy working in this ERP. I’ve come across a problem. In Purchase Orders. in Item Tables i want by default UOM Colum. Can anyone please guide me on how to do this.

I have ERPNext V12 i am hosting it directly from Frappe.

Refer to the following doc on how to make columns visible in tables:


Hello thank you for the reply. I did follow this document. But I couldn’t achieve the end result. Is there anyway you can help me with charting out steps of the process?

Thank you so much!

  1. Go to Customize Form (via search bar)

  2. Since you want to make changes to the item table in PO select Purchase Order Item in customize form:

  1. You will find a table containing the columns in the item table when you scroll below.

  2. Now as per the doc, you need to make two things sure:
    a. check In List/Grid View for this column you want to make visible.
    b. The total width of the column shouldn’t be more than 10.

  3. Scroll to the row Stock UOM and expand the same:

  1. Now since it will be difficult to one by one scroll and find which columns have width, scroll all the way down and click the Download option. This will download the entire table in CSV:

  1. In the CSV file, make changes to column widths as per requirements. Save and upload it back to the same page. Hit Update to save these changes to the table.

  2. Click on Save. Go back to PO form and reload.

Thank you so much for taking the effort to write this.

This will help me alot!

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Hello @kennethsequeira Thank you so much. i followed your steps and it works amazing!

Thank you for helping me out!

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